Good nutrition is an investment for a healthier tomorrow.

4 reasons why you need to consult a dietitian

on March 26, 2014

Welcome to the amazing world of nutrition. The world of nutrition is vast, colorful, exciting, appealing, magnificient yet mysterious, confusing. You can really find yourself lost in this world if you don’t have a true guide with you. From outside, the world appears to be simple with straight raods but once you enter into it, it will show you ten roads, out of which only one will take you to your destination. A good dietitian will help you in finding the right path. Through this blog, I would like to give you a glimpse of this fascinating world. Before begining, lets see why you need to consult a dietitian.
4 Reasons Why you need to see a dietitian:

  1. Nutrition Investment Adviser- For better management of our finances, we often take opinion of a good finantial adviser who guide us according to our needs and present finantial resoucers so that we get good returns in the future. The main purpose here is to save money today for a better tomorrow. If there are unexpected expenses like some illness in the family or accademic expenses or any other finantial burden, we can very well manage with our savings unless and untill our savings are more than our expenses. But once our expenses exceeds, it puts pressure on us. Just like these unexpected, unwanted and un planned expenses,in todays modern world we have to face many unwanted troubles like blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, digestive problems, cancer etc. All of these health issues and the stress puts a lot of pressure on your body’s defense system. If you have good defense system, you are in better position to deal with these health burdens. A good nutrition is like your investment for a better healthier tomorrow. A well qualified dietician advises you according to your present needs and identifies any future health threats.
  2. Nutrition Educator- Food is an intigral part of our life. So obviously a lot of importance is given to food, its taste, appearance etc. If anything related to food is being said, written, people start believing it and practise it if they are fascinated by it. Unfortunately, many times without clarifying whether it is right or wrong. People do not realise that this can be actually harmful to their body. If you consult a dietitian, you can clarify your doubts and can only put healthier options into practise. Also, you can educate yourself regarding your body weight, ideal weight, caloric requirements, body fat levels etc. You can get comlete nutritional assessment from the dietitian. She can also guide regarding food labeling.
  3. Diet planner-There are so many food products available in the market. You come across so many words like antioxidants, high fiber, low cholesterol etc. You don’t know how to include them and what to include. A dietitian can help you to choose right food. Sometimes, we get confused how to plan our diet which will provide us enough nutritients and is a balance diet. A dietitian can help you to plan your balanced diet according to your weight, height, gender, age, condition etc.
  4. Food guide -If you are having any health complications like diabetes, heart diseases, blood pressure, kidney diseases, a dietitian will guide you regarding the food which you should include and avoid for that particular condition. This will definitely be helpful in managing your diseases as food is also a medicine.

When you are visiting the dietitian, please ensure that she is well qualified dietitian. An unqualified person can not give you a correct advise as they are not fully trained and may not have correct knowledge. A qualified dietitian is the one who has done a graduation or postgraduation in nutrition. RD ie registered dietitian is an added qualification. She is the one who has completed her training as a dietitian and is registered with indian dietetic association.


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    very well put.


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