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Diet Mania

on April 9, 2014

What comes to your mind, when you think of diet???

You just want to run away from the diet…as if it is a ghost whom you don’t want to see in your wildest of the dreams.
You think whatever you eat even if its pastries & your favorite pizzas it’s not going to harm you anyway…you believe you are a super human being..(or YOU ARE JUST TAKING YOUR BODY FOR GRANTED)
images (1)
You think diet is not your cup of tea.
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You feel diet is monotonous and you can’t continue with it…There are so many tempting dishes in the world that you must enjoy without any restriction after all life is short and we should enjoy it by eating whatever we (our taste-buds) wants. Probably, your motto is live to eat rather than eat to live.
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These are some of the representations of common reactions when people think of diet.Diet is one cruel villain in their life which does not deserve any sympathy.

What is this” Diet” actually??
Diet is a combination of specific food items. Different people eat different food items. People have their own preferences about the food depending upon availability of food, culture, liking, age, body needs etc. It is these factors which decide a person’s diet. People decide their own diets. So whatever you are eating presently is actually nothing but your diet. People think only sick people or crazy people follow a diet. The truth is we all follow a particular diet. So technically we all are dieting.
Your diet remains the same until the deciding factors remain the same. Whenever there is a change in one or more of the factors, there is or should be a change in your diet. eg. seasonal changes, migration, change in personal liking or health changes like someone has developed diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney problems, hormonal problems, liver disorders etc.

What is the problem?
Problem with the diet arises whenever people are not able to accept this dietary change mostly because they are habituated to their previous diet. They just refuse to change their diet. The diet has become their choice. It is a part of their lifestyle. If this change is because of their changing body needs like a health complication,this refusal can create few more complications which can be more dangerous.

What should be done?
A professional dietitian or a nutritionist will help you to decide a diet which is best suited for you. But it should be noted that people can help you if you help yourself. It is only YOU who can bring about a change in yourself with the help of a professional dietitian. You should accept that the change is for your betterment. At the start, this is going to be difficult. At this stage you just need to discipline yourself. Stick to the changes you have made, keep reminding yourself that only those food items which are not good for my health are replaced by some better food options. Then your changes will become your habits which in turn will become your lifestyle.

Diet is not eating less, but eating the right food in right amounts at right intervals. You can enjoy your outings, parties by making some smart choices. Initially, you have to make extra efforts to make these choices. But, later on they will become your habits by your choice. You will no longer crave for those earlier choices. You need to change your thought-process to bring about the dietary change. Here, also a dietitian can help you to change your perception about the food.

To conclude, I will say that diet is nothing but the food we eat as per our specific requirement. It is just asking oneself the following question,

Diet pic

Enjoy healthy eating & make it your lifestyle.


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