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Tips to manage food cravings

Tips to manage food cravings
Knowing the reasons of cravings is not enough to handle cravings. The food you crave is so tempting that you often can not resist it. Here are some tips which will be helpful to you.

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1. Listen to your cravings
In the previous article; we have seen that food craving is an unconscious effort of the body to meet the deprived nutrients. So listen to your craving carefully. Stock healthier options instead of unhealthy options & choose the right available option.


2. Associate image with the unhealthy food craving
Visualization plays a big part. List the unhealthy food you crave & dangers of overeating them on the paper. You can also collect different pictures of the food you usually crave for. Eg. If you crave for sweets & ice creams, stick the pictures of them on your cupboard/door. Now if you eat them daily, you don’t require a dietitian to tell you that you will gain weight (unless you have an extra-ordinary metabolism to burn those calories). So stick a picture of obese person alongside the other pictures. Imagine yourself if you don’t have a control over your cravings, you too can become obese. If you have recently lost weight, recall how much efforts you had taken to loose that weight, & now because of a loose moment you have to start all over again. Is it worth doing? Slight thinking will definitely help you in making a right decision.

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3. Distract yourself
Controlling craving is a mind game. Divert your mind towards something interesting. Listen to your favorite music, read a book, talk to your friend or go for a small walk. Shifting the focus to something else will reduce the urge to eat unhealthy food.

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4. Enjoy & savor
Beginners might not be able to control the strong cravings. Relax…instead of eating with guilt, make it a special occasion. Yes, you read it correctly. Make a special place to eat these unhealthy food options. Eg. Eat in your favorite bowl sitting on your favorite chair in front of mirror. But instead of eating large portion have small portion of it & savour each bite of it. Eating in front of mirror makes you conscious but creating a special atmosphere gives you more pleasure.

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5. Exercise
People who exercise report fewer cravings than non-exercisers due to the mood altering Endorphin released during physical activity. Exercisers tend to feel more in control of their bodies & may be less likely to binge.

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6. Be prepared
Often only willpower doesn’t work with these powerful brain chemicals, so we need to select a strategy to handle them. Remember it’s all in your mind. “It’s much easier to control your urges if you do it beforehand than if they take you by surprise.” If you have already planned what you are going to do when you crave for something, it’s easier for you to handle them. Select any of the tip mentioned above & try your best to follow it when you have the craving. I am sure gradually, you will be able handle your cravings effectively & would be able to stay away from the unhealthy food.

If you think, it’s impossible to handle cravings or they are too frequent, consult a good professional dietitian.

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