Good nutrition is an investment for a healthier tomorrow.

Eating healthy during Ganesh festival


Our dear elephant god has already arrived in style & there is a pleasant environment filled with high energy & enthusiasm. The festival is celebrated with an assortment of mouth watering, rich, irresistible sweets like modaks, ladoos etc.. It is very difficult to stay away from them. Ideally, such calorically dense sweets are meant for such occasions & we should keep them reserve only for such occasions. But, with the better financial conditions & easy food availability, we are consuming them on a regular basis. The outcome is obvious with increased cases of life style diseases such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes etc. But it does not mean that you have to deprive yourself from the “Prasad” or “Naividyam” of our dear God. Following tips might help you to stay healthy during the festival..

1) Mindful eating– Enjoying food does not mean that you have to eat mindlessly. At the same time, paying attention to what you eat does not take away the pleasure of eating unless you are overdoing it. Just do not loose your mind while eating to prevent overeating. Otherwise, it might create unwanted health incidences which will surely spoil the festive mood. Remember you are eating prasad. So treat it like that. It is not your lunch or dinner.

2) Have a nutritious breakfast– Breakfast skippers tend to eat more food than usual at the next meal, or nibble on high-calorie snacks to stave off hunger. So do not skip your breakfast to compensate sweets.

3) Balance your meals– Festive season accompanies high calorie food. If you plan your meals carefully eg.avoiding  fried stuff or high fat gravies or cheese & including more of fibrous vegetables, eating chapattis instead of parathhas  , you can definitely enjoy your delicacies without any guilt.

4) Portion size – Portion size is the key. Have small portions of the sweets. Chew it properly.

5) Savor each bite– Enjoy each bite. It is a blessing from the God. Take a break in between. This will enable the body to give you a sense of satiety.

6) Stay hydrated– If you are not hydrated well, body might treat thirst as hunger. This can push you towards overeating.

7) Be smart– Be smart in planning your prasads. Choose your ingredients & method of cooking carefully. Eg. use skimmed milk instead of regular milk, jaggery/ honey/ fruit instead of sugar. You can include nuts & dryfruits as well. Choose  steamed modaks over fried ones, puran poli over gujiyas or kadaboo( gujjiyas made up of puran), Barfis over gulab jamuns.

8) Be active– Go for a walk, exercise or visit a gym.

9) Share your food– Sharing your food not only reduces your caloric consumption but it also increases your happiness. 

God Ganesha is a God of wisdom & intellect. We worship him first before any auspicious beginnings. May god Ganesha gives you the strength, wisdom & insight to make the right decisions & brings a new beginning…


Ganapati Bappa Morya!!!